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Best Practice for iPhone: treatment decision support

http://itunes.apple.com/app/best-practice-decision-support/id378368562 Have confidence in your clinical decisions! Check guidelines and evidence, consult ...

Diabetes Mellitus Kidney Diseases App powered by SIEMENS

This mobile app provides information on the management of diabetes and diabetic kidney disease in everyday clinical practice: Up-to-date screening guidelines ...

MindMate -World's fastest-growing Alzheimer's App.

MindMate -World's fastest-growing Alzheimer's App. Available for free in the iPad App Store.

MindMate - Phone App For Alzheimer Sufferers

Ian Sherr, a writer for CNet, recently wrote an article called, “Can tech help Alzheimer's sufferers?” In the article, he discussed his own personal experiences with Alzheimer's. He...

Keeping track of family members with Alzheimer's

iTraq3 is now available for pre-order @ https://www.itraq.com.

My Parkinson's Disease Manager: Welcome

Our management tool enables patients with Parkinson's Disease to track and store relevant health information between clinician visits. Features: • Capture detailed information regarding...

Webinar: “From iPhone to Genome: How Patient Data Is Changing Parkinson's Research” April 2015

In this webinar, our panelists discuss technology-enabled studies online and with smartwatches and smartphone applications. Learn more about our webinar series at www.michaeljfox.org/webinars.

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